" Awesome staff, clean, and overall great...we adopted a sweet little girl and the staff helped me from the minute we walked in to the final adoption. Thank you Putnam animal shelter for being such a great place."


Hear what the community has to say about our wonderful Animal Shelter! 

" It has been a year ago this weekend that I adopted my wonderful fur-baby Jackson! He was a little shy at first, but the staff at Cookeville Animal Shelter set us up in a room so that it was not so loud for us. Jackson has been a wonderful therapy dog for me. He truly brings out a smile in everyone he meets. If you look for a furry friend who needs a forever home, this is most definitely the place to go!"


" I am thankful that we have such a caring and efficient staff at our Shelter. Everyday they love on the critters to calm their fears and make them more sociable so when want-to-be pet owners come in to adopt, they will find healthy and friendly animals.

Sadly, the Staff has to deal with people that don't know or understand how to care for animals. All in all, the Shelter Staff has a difficult job but they handle it like professionals and make a lot of connections for the animals. They are a great bunch of people that truly love animals! I give 5 stars to our Cookeville/Putnam Co. Animal Shelter Staff!! Keep up the great work! "


" After just moving from Ohio and being an avid dog and cat lover, I was thrilled to check out the new shelter. Last week I adopted the dog Tess (formally Scarlett) and she is doing so awesome with her new family. The staff is so helpful and do what they can to help you despite how busy they are. Please go rescue some pups or cats! They need it. "


" We adopted our dog Penny (fka Mekena) from the shelter in March. We had been curious to see the new campus, and had been talking about getting another dog for a couple months. After looking at every single dog there (including all the puppies and we weren't wanting a puppy anyway), my husband wasn't sure he'd seen a dog he liked.... but Penny's spotted coat and hopeful face stole my heart. The staff and volunteers were all very helpful as we spent some time with her, and made the decision to take her home. She is such a sweetheart and I know she spent 2 months waiting to be adopted, only because it took US that long to finally get over there. We would not hesitate to come visit the shelter again, whenever we're looking to add another dog to the family."


"I went to the animal shelter a few weeks ago when we lost one of our cats to see if he was there. This shelter is amazing! Absolutely one of the best I have ever been to & I even worked for a shelter in Utah once. The staff here are so nice & caring & the animals are so loved & cared for. We didn't find our cat there but did eventually find him and the staff was so helpful. We are going there today to add a canine to our family & can't wait! Thank you all for the incredible job you do for these animals!! "


P.E.T. Care Campus Naming Opportunities

Wondering what else will be on the P.E.T. Care Campus?

P.E.T. stans for Pets, Education, and Training in a campus style envrionment. In addition to the new Cookeville/Putnam County Animal Shelter, the Campus will include two Roger & Marion Moore off-leash dog parks, an educational center, and a Small Animal Disaster Rescue facility! Thanks to everyone who has shared and supported our vision! 

Interested in helping the new Shelter? Here is a list of Shelter needs:

  • Furever homes!
  • Energetic, people & animal-loving volunteers!
  • ​Monetary donations always happily accepted
  • Clay cat litter
  • Cat carriers (medium & large)
  • Puppy pads & newspapers
  • Quality dry puppy & kitten food
  • Dog collars & leashes of various sizes
  • Small blankets & towels
  • Forever postage stamps
  • Large hand sanitizer (Sam's)
  • Liquid laundry detergent (without bleach)
  • Liquid dish detergent
  • Non-soap pet shampoo
  • Pet Supplies Plus / Tractor Supply / Wal-mart Gift Cards
  • Aluminum cans for recycling (container available at P.E.T. Care Campus

Visit our new Cookeville/Putnam County Animal Shelter at the P.E.T. Care Campus located on 2650 Gainesboro Grade!

 Located next to TTU Hyder-Burks Ag Pavilion 

Shelter Hours of Operation are:

Monday-Saturday Noon - 6pm

Have you seen Cookeville's new P.E.T. CARE  CAMPUS??? 

KROGER GIFT CARDS-Purchase a gift card from the Friends Group for $5, and it comes with $5 loaded on the card ready for use, recharge your card when you visit any Krogers,and a portion of your Kroger shopping purchases (including gas) goes to the Friends group. 
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