Dog parks are great and wonderful way for your pet to socialize with other dogs, get exercise, and overall, just be a pup! However, we can't say that dog parks don't go without accidents. Unfortunately, we have to realize that situations may occur in which animals feel uncomfortable or reactive and sometimes dangerous situations can arise if we aren't aware and proactive.

Please click the button below to read some fantastic and truly important tips from Bark Post to learn how to avoid letting your pet get into a fight or an uncomfortable position. 

The Roger & Marion Moore Dog Park is an unsupervised, membership-only dog park, and users assume their own risk. Owners are legally responsible for the actions of their dogs, children, and any guests they bring to the Park. Apply for membership at the Cookeville/Putnam County Animal Shelter during normal hours of operation. Membership rates are currently $25 (annual fee).

Please note that there are no public restrooms at the Park! 

For your safety and enjoyment:

1. A membership is required to enter off leash Roger & Marion Moore Dog Park     (“Park” hereafter).
2. Dogs weighing 30 lbs or more must use the large dog park area.
3. Dogs must be current on all vaccinations and MUST wear Rabies and Park     tags.

4. No dog is allowed in the Park without adult supervision over the age of 18.         Limit 2 dogs per person.
5. Children under ages 10 and under are NOT allowed in the Park.
6. Ages 11-17 must have adult supervision. Any damages/injuries incurred by      child(ren) are the responsibility of the attending adult.
7. All dogs MUST be spayed/neutered to enter the Park.
8. The following will NOT be admitted inside the Park:
    a.  Puppies under the age of 4 months.
    b.  Sick, injured or aggressive dogs.
    c.  Dogs with choke or prong (pinch) collars.  (Buckle collars or harnesses            preferred)
    d.  Human food, pet food or treats.
    e.  No alcohol or glass containers.
    f.  No smoking, tobacco, illicit drugs or weapons.
    g. Strollers, bicycles, skate boards, scooters, skates, roller blades, sport               activities, or motorized vehicles (unless used for assistance device) are           not allowed inside the Dog Park.
9. Dogs must be leashed when entering and exiting the Park.  Leash must be       kept with you at all times.  Close gates firmly when entering/exiting. Owners    are responsible for ensuring that their dog(s) do not escape fenced areas.
10. Dogs MUST be removed immediately at the first sign of aggression or               excessive barking.
11. Dog owners assume total RESPONSIBILITY for their pets:  Do not leave         dog unattended, use Sight and Voice control, be ready to prevent                       aggressive behavior, and fill holes created by your dog.
12. Members assume liability for any guests invited to the Park. Guests                   wishing to bring their own pets must obtain a membership.
13. Owner must clean up dog feces immediately. Dispose of waste in                       designated receptacles.
14. Members must treat each other and all dogs with respect at all times.                 Threatening, rude or abusive behavior is not allowed or tolerated.
15. Failure to follow rules may result in revocation of this Dog Park's                       membership.  No refunds given. FCPCA reserves the right to deny,                   revoke, or alter your membership at their discretion.
16. For questions, concerns or to report rule violations, including problems with       aggressive dogs, call the FCPCA hotline at: 931.858.2228. For                           emergencies, call 911.

Visitor and Park Users of the P.E.T. Care Campus assume all risk! The Friends of Cookeville/Putnam Co. Animals, Roger & Marion Moore Dog Park, Cookeville/Putnam Co. Animal Shelter,  City of Cookeville, Putnam County and all volunteers,  officers, staff, agents, and assigns of any of hte above entities assume NO responsibility for any injuries or disease to humans or animals, or for any damage caused. Therefore, each handler is responsible for supervision of his/her animal and child/guest.For the benefit of everyone in our community, please remember to leave our dog park nicer than you found it!Type your paragraph here.

Keep it safe at the Dog Park!!!

Friends of Cookeville/Putnam County Animals

What to Expect when you visit the Roger & Marion Moore Dog Park

A friendly place for you and your dog(s)!

We want you to feel at home and welcome you to visit!  


Clean park areas.

We take pride in having a clean and enjoyable park for our community's dogs and their owners. Please help us to keep it this way! 


Safe environment for you and your dog(s).

Every one of us is a pet owner. We take safety and security very seriously. Don't believe us? Check out those lengthy rules to your left! In all seriousness, we have worked very hard to bring a dog park to our community and expect it to be a safe place for you and yours. No rude or threatening behavior (from people or pups) will be tolerated. This is also why we have created a membership-only park so that everyone can watch out for each other and maintain a safe and happy atmosphere! Read down below for tips on keeping your dog safe every visit. 

Welcome to the Roger & Marion Moore Dog Park!

Park Hours:

Fall/Winter (October - February)             8am - 5pm daily

Spring/Summer (March - September)     7am - 8pm dailty

FCPCA reserves the right to alter park hours for maintenance, private events, or any other purpose determined by the City of Cookeville. 

Roger & Marion Moore Dog Park

2650 Gainesboro Grade 

Cookeville, TN

(Next to Hyder-Burks Ag Pavilion) 

931.526.DOGS (3647)

Hours of Operation:

Fall/Winter (October - February)          

8am - 5pm daily

Spring/Summer (March - September)     7am - 8pm dailty

FCPCA reserves the right to alter park hours for maintenance, private events, or any other purpose determined by the City of Cookeville.