Download the Volunteer Application Here! 

Volunteer Signup is Easy! 

Ages 13-15 can volunteer with a parent. Ages 16-18 can volunteer with a parent signature. All other ages volunteer freely! 

You'll need to fill out a volunteer application and wait for your background check to clear. 


Volunteer hours: 

Volunteer anytime between 7:30am - 6pm Monday-Saturday and Sundays from

7:30pm - noon.


Training is provided!

Our professional and knowlegeable staff and volunteers will  provide the expert training you need to be successful. We take great pride in our facilities and want you to enjoy your time as a volunteer! 

Become a part of the team & join us as a volunteer! 

Volunteer applications may be obtained during Shelter hours of operation. Ages 13 – 15 may volunteer with a parent/guardian.  Ages 16 – 18 may volunteer with parent/guardian written permission. As we communicate mostly by email, an email address and phone number is required to volunteer. See available opportunities below!

  •  Walking Dogs
  •  Pet Adoption Counselor  
  •  Photography 
  •  Grooming    
  •  Fundraising/Adoption Events    
  •  Doggie Dorm Kennel Maintenance
  •  Grant Writing          
  •  Cat Play/Pet Adoption Counselor   
  •  Community Outreach      
  •  Cat Condo Maintenance    
  •  Gardening/Lawn Care   
  •  Clerical Work      
  •  Special Events       
  •   Social Media      
  •  Volunteer Coordinator 
  •  Shelter Greeter/Phone        
  •  Laundry/General Housekeeping 
  •  Pet Detective for Lost & Found 
  •  And more!

If you love working with the animals or would rather help in other  ways, we have something for everyone. Invest your community service hours helping our shelter pets get adopted. 

Volunteers can work with the shelter every day of the week from 7:30 a to 6 p and assist the public Monday - Saturday from 12-6p,

Please join our teams of friendly, caring volunteers that love to help our shelter pets find homes.  Together we are making a difference.


Friends of Cookeville/Putnam County Animals